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Actor Kola Oyewo Opens Up About Prostate Cancer Battle and Life After Surgery

Actor Kola Oyewo Opens Up About Prostate Cancer Battle and Life After Surgery

Veteran actor Kola Oyewo recently shared his journey battling prostate cancer, revealing his struggles and the sacrifices he made for his health. He spoke openly about his condition during a visit from actor Kunle Afod to his home in Osun State.

Oyewo recounted how his health ordeal began in 2019 when he started having trouble passing urine. After medical tests, he was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, launching him into a two-year battle for his life.

During this challenging time, Oyewo’s wife was also dealing with her own health issues, having suffered a stroke since 2017. Despite the emotional burden, Oyewo underwent surgeries to manage his condition, even accepting one that would leave him sexually inactive.

In his own words, he prioritized his health over sexual activity, stating, “I didn’t care about having sex anymore; all I cared about was getting better.”

Throughout his recovery, Oyewo remained grateful for life and declined public fundraising, relying on his own resources and family support.

Now on the path to recovery, Oyewo is gradually returning to his work as an actor and lecturer. Despite the challenges he faced, he maintains a positive outlook, grateful for every day he gets to spend with his loved ones.

His story serves as an inspiration, showcasing resilience and the importance of prioritizing health above all else.

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