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Actor Kim Soo-hyun Dismisses Dating Rumors with Actress Kim Sae-ron

Actor Kim Soo-hyun Dismisses Dating Rumors with Actress Kim Sae-ron

Rumors about a romantic relationship between South Korean actors Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Sae-ron were swiftly shut down after a photo surfaced on social media showing them in close proximity.

The speculation began when Kim Sae-ron, 23, posted a picture of herself and Kim Soo-hyun, 36, with their faces pressed together on her Instagram story on Sunday, March 24.

However, Kim Soo-hyun’s agency, Gold Medalist, promptly released a statement denying any romantic involvement between the two actors. They clarified that the photo was likely taken in the past when both actors were under the same management, and they expressed confusion about Kim Sae-ron’s decision to post the image.

The agency emphasized that the dating rumors were unfounded and warned of legal action against any defamatory or offensive posts targeting Kim Soo-hyun’s reputation.

Kim Sae-ron removed the photo shortly after posting it and has not provided any further updates. Her contract with Gold Medalist was terminated in 2022 due to a DUI incident, after which she was fined 20 million won in 2023.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo-hyun continues his acting career, currently starring in the ongoing tvN drama “Queen Of Tears.” He remains known for his roles in popular shows like “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” and “My Love From The Star.”

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