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MTN Group Commits $251 Million for Benin’s Digital Infrastructure Development

MTN Group Commits $251 Million for Benin's Digital Infrastructure Development

Telecommunications giant MTN Group has unveiled a substantial commitment of $251 million to advance digital infrastructure in Benin. The investment plan, spanning the next three years, includes a $215 million infusion into telecom infrastructure and an additional allocation for constructing a state-of-the-art office for MTN Benin. The announcement was made during a leadership visit to Cotonou, featuring discussions with President Patrice Talon.

MTN Group President and CEO, Ralph Mupita, expressed the company’s dedication to being a positive force in African markets, providing hope, dignity, and opportunities. Highlighting the warm reception in Benin, Mupita emphasized MTN’s exploration of 5G services in the West African country, recognizing the vast potential for technological advancements.

In addition to infrastructure development, MTN aims to foster the growth and skills of Beninese youth, expressing a commitment to collaboration with the government and stakeholders for comprehensive development initiatives. President Talon acknowledged MTN’s dedication, expressing optimism for future collaborations as MTN Benin, with approximately eight million subscribers, marks a quarter-century of operations.

This investment follows a similar commitment in Nigeria, where MTN Group pledged $3.5 billion to boost the Nigerian economy. The company’s strategic vision focuses on becoming a pan-African entity, shifting investments from the Middle East to prioritize Africa, with a significant emphasis on Nigeria.

MTN’s proactive approach to investing in digital infrastructure not only strengthens its presence in Benin but also contributes to the broader technological innovation and socioeconomic progress across the African continent.

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