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KuCoin Partners with Revolut for Instant Euro-to-Crypto Transactions

KuCoin Partners with Revolut for Instant Euro-to-Crypto Transactions

KuCoin and Revolut have joined forces to introduce a seamless method for purchasing cryptocurrencies using euros. Through Revolut Pay, users in the European Economic Area (EEA) can now directly acquire various digital assets listed on KuCoin.

The collaboration aims to simplify the process of acquiring cryptocurrencies for European users. Revolut Pay enables users to convert euros into a variety of supported cryptocurrencies with just a click, addressing the growing demand for easy access to digital assets.

To celebrate the partnership, KuCoin and Revolut are offering exclusive promotions. The first 2,000 users to utilize this method will enjoy 0% transaction fees (cashback) and will have the chance to share a bonus prize pool worth $5,000.

To make purchases with Revolut Pay on KuCoin, users need to complete the standard identity verification process. Once verified, they can navigate to the ‘Buy Crypto’ section, select ‘Fast Trade,’ choose the ‘Fiat/Crypto’ option, and proceed to ‘Revolut Pay’ for payment confirmation.

This partnership highlights KuCoin’s commitment to enhancing user experience and expanding accessibility to cryptocurrencies. Revolut Pay’s integration with KuCoin provides users with a convenient and efficient way to enter the crypto market.

Additionally, KuCoin and Revolut are hosting two events with giveaways and cashback opportunities to celebrate the partnership. The first 2,000 users to purchase via this seamless method will receive cashback on transaction fees, while users who make purchases above 100 USDT with Revolut Pay in Euros will have a chance to win from a $5,000 celebratory prize pool.

This collaboration between two prominent platforms, KuCoin and Revolut, demonstrates their dedication to offering innovative solutions and enhancing the crypto experience for users across Europe.

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