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Dangote Refinery Gears Up for Production as Crude Supply Hits 6 Million Barrels

Dangote Refinery Gears Up for Production as Crude Supply Hits 6 Million Barrels

In a significant step towards operational readiness, the Dangote Petroleum Refinery announced on Monday its receipt of the 6th batch of one million barrels of crude oil, marking a crucial milestone for the commencement of refined petroleum product production.

The refinery’s statement highlighted that the delivery of the latest batch, consisting of one million Agbami barrels of crude via MT ALMI SUN, completes the initial scheduled six million barrels consignment required for the start of operations at the world’s largest single-train refinery.

Exactly one month ago, Dangote Refinery received its first one million barrels of Agbami crude grade from Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited, a major player in the global crude oil trading landscape.

Since then, the refinery has been receiving crude oil in batches, and the recent discharge of the 6th batch at the Single Point Mooring at the Dangote Offshore Oil Terminal signifies a significant step forward in the refinery’s journey.

Akin Omole, the Managing Director of Dangote Ports Operations, expressed confidence that the refinery would be well-positioned to commence operations once the six million barrels of crude were fully delivered. He emphasized that this milestone would kick-start the production of diesel, aviation fuel, and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), eventually progressing to the production of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS).

This development holds great promise in addressing the fuel supply challenges faced not only by Nigeria but also by other West African countries.

Designed to process 100 per cent Nigerian crude with the flexibility to handle other crude types, the 650,000 barrels per day Dangote Petroleum Refinery can process various African crude grades, Middle Eastern Arab Light, US Light tight oil, and crude from other regions.

According to the company, the refinery is poised to meet 100 per cent of Nigeria’s refined product requirements, including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and aviation jet, with surplus quantities available for export. This marks a significant stride towards enhancing Nigeria’s energy self-sufficiency and contributing to the global energy market.

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