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CBN Governor Cardoso Confirms Only Five Banks Still Owe Forex Debt

CBN Governor Cardoso Confirms Only Five Banks Still Owe Forex Debt

During an investor call organized by the Nigerian Exchange Group, Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Olayemi Cardoso revealed that all banks, except for five, have cleared their foreign exchange backlogs.

Cardoso assured investors that the remaining banks’ FX debts would be settled in the coming days. He emphasized that the CBN had already addressed the genuine and verifiable backlogs of all banks except for the aforementioned five.

“We are confident that we will shortly be in a position where the whole issue of forwards would be behind us. I would say in the next few days we should be in a position where the balance of the five would have been put behind us.

“I have tried as much as possible to be consistent on this matter. I don’t make promises I don’t fulfil. The last time I spoke on this matter, I was confident that within one month, we would be more or less out of it and I’m saying again that right now, I think in the course of the next few days maybe a week and a half, this should be put behind us.”

The apex bank governor also revealed that Nigeria had attracted $2bn in foreign portfolio inflows this year.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Nigeria recorded a total of $3bn in foreign portfolio inflows in 2023.

In an interview in early February, Cardoso had revealed that about $2.4bn of the $7bn foreign exchange backlog he met when he got into office were from non-existing entities, and requests without import documents among other infractions.

“We discovered that of the roughly $7bn, about $2.4bn had issues. We believed that they had no business being there. The infractions ranged from so many things. For example, not having valid import documents and in some cases entities that did not exist and in some cases, account parties who had asked for foreign exchange and got more than they asked for and some that didn’t even ask for any and got. There were a whole load of infractions there,” he said.

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