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Sudan and UAE Clash at UN Security Council Over Sudan Civil War

Sudan and UAE Clash at UN Security Council Over Sudan Civil War

Sudan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) clashed at the U.N. Security Council as Sudan accused the UAE of exacerbating its 14-month civil conflict by supplying weapons to the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a charge the UAE vehemently denied as “ludicrous.”

The dispute unfolded during a Security Council session where both nations’ ambassadors exchanged accusations. Sudan’s Ambassador, Al-Harith Mohamed, alleged that the RSF, backed by UAE weapons, was deliberately targeting villages and cities in Sudan. He asserted that Sudan had evidence of UAE arms shipments and threatened to submit a dossier to the International Criminal Court.

In response, UAE Ambassador Mohamed Abushahab dismissed Sudan’s claims as false and criticized Sudan for not engaging in peace talks aimed at resolving the conflict. He accused Sudan of grandstanding and urged Sudan to take responsibility for initiating the conflict.

The conflict in Sudan erupted last April between the Sudanese army and RSF, originally formed from Janjaweed militias by former President Omar al-Bashir. The U.N. reports widespread humanitarian crises, with millions in need of aid and facing famine and displacement.

The Security Council, without naming specific countries, recently adopted a resolution urging an end to external interference and called for compliance with arms embargo measures in Sudan. The U.S. and other nations have condemned atrocities and called for external actors to cease exacerbating the conflict.

The standoff underscores deep divisions over Sudan’s internal crisis and highlights international efforts to mitigate the humanitarian impact in the region.

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