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Nigerian Troops Deployed to Gambia for Peacekeeping Mission Amid Domestic Insecurity

Nigerian Troops Deployed to Gambia for Peacekeeping Mission Amid Domestic Insecurity

The Nigerian Armed Forces announced the deployment of 197 soldiers to Gambia for a peacekeeping mission. Despite ongoing insecurity issues in Nigeria, including banditry, terrorism, and kidnapping, this deployment aims to support international peace efforts.

Maj-Gen. Boniface Sinjen, Chief of Operations of the Nigerian Army, made the announcement during the graduation of troops in Jaji, Kaduna State. These troops, part of Nigerian Company 9 of the Economic Community of West African States Mission in The Gambia (ECOMIG), began their Pre-Deployment Training (PDT) on May 4 at the Martin Luther Agwai International Leadership and Peacekeeping Centre in Jaji.

Sinjen emphasized that the training equipped the troops with essential tactical skills and knowledge for peace support operations, reflecting the commitment of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen Taoreed Lagbaja, and the Nigerian Armed Forces to contribute to international peace and security.

“It has prepared you for the protection of civilians and the accomplishment of assigned tasks under the ECOMIG mandate

You have learned the importance of teamwork, leadership and cultural sensitivity as well as other factors that would ensure your success in the mission area.

“You have been trained in the latest techniques and procedures for maintaining peace and stability in a complex environment and instilled with the values of discipline, respect for human rights and compassion for the people you are going out there to protect.

“Your mission comes at a critical time, as The Gambia faces a period of
uncertainty and instability,“ he said.

According to him, the country’s political crisis has affected the lives of many innocent civilians and their presence will sustain the existing peace and stability to the region.

“Your role is crucial in maintaining peace, protecting lives and promoting sustainable development,” he said.

Sinjen charged the troops to uphold the highest standards of professionalism, discipline and respect for human rights.

He advised them to adhere strictly to the ECOWAS’ mandate, which “guides your mission and ensure that your actions align with the principles of peace, stability and human rights.

”Remember that your conduct will not only reflect on yourselves but also on your country, the ECOWAS region and the international community.

“You are, therefore, expected to approach all interactions with sensibility and respect. Be mindful of the local customs, traditions and socio-political dynamics of the mission area.

”You must remain vigilant in the face of potential security threats and avoid any actions that may be perceived as insensitive,” he said.

He said the Armed Forces of Nigeria had zero-tolerance on sexual exploitation and abuse in line with United Nations’ policies.

”Therefore, any form of sexual exploitation and abuse will be met with severe consequences.

“As ambassadors of the armed Forces of Nigeria and our great nation, you must uphold the esteemed values and enviable image of this country,“ Sinjen said.

Earlier, the Commandant of MLAILPKC, Maj-Gen. Ademola Adedoja, said the six weeks training had been intense, comprehensive, and was conducted in line with the Standard UN Core Pre-Deployment Training Modules.

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