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Ghana Parliament Passes Strict Anti-LGBTQ Bill

Ghana Parliament Passes Strict Anti-LGBTQ Bill

Ghana’s parliament has approved a contentious new legislation targeting LGBTQ individuals, marking a significant step in the nation’s stance on sexual and gender identity rights. The bill, named the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, received unanimous support from lawmakers and is awaiting final approval from President Nana Akufo-Addo.

Under the proposed law, individuals identifying as LGBTQ face up to three years in prison, while those involved in promoting LGBTQ activities could be sentenced to five years behind bars. The bill also criminalizes financing LGBTQ groups and legalizes discrimination against LGBTQ individuals.

The passage of the bill has sparked international concern, with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights condemning it as a violation of fundamental human rights. Similarly, the United States has expressed deep unease, warning that it undermines Ghana’s tradition of tolerance and respect for human rights.

Ghana’s move follows similar legislation in other African countries, including Uganda, signaling a concerning trend in curtailing LGBTQ rights across the continent. Activists fear that signing the bill into law would perpetuate violence and discrimination against LGBTQ individuals, jeopardizing Ghana’s democratic values and economic growth.

Despite international criticism, proponents argue that the bill upholds Ghanaian family values and traditions. However, critics view it as a regression in the nation’s commitment to democracy and human rights.

The passage of the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill underscores the ongoing debate surrounding LGBTQ rights in Africa and highlights the challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals in accessing equal rights and protection under the law.

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