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Nasty C – I Love It Here Album

  • Title: I Love It Here Album
  • Artist: Nasty C
  • Track: 19 Songs
  • Genre: SA Hip-Hop

South Africa’s multi-award-winning rap virtuoso, Nasty C, has astounded the music world with the release of his monumental Hip-Hop opus, the “I Love It Here Album.” This expansive musical masterpiece is an auditory feast comprising a staggering nineteen tracks, each a testament to Nasty C’s unrivaled prowess in the genre.

This magnum opus is not just an album; it’s a magnum opus in every sense. Nasty C has meticulously curated a musical odyssey, inviting a diverse array of talents to partake in this auditory journey. Collaborations with the likes of 25K, Anica, Maglera Doe Boy, Manana, Ami Faku, Tellaman, Benny the Butcher, and others have lent their unique voices and styles to this remarkable project.

The “I Love It Here” album transcends mere music; it’s a canvas of Nasty C’s extraordinary talent and his profound impact on the rap scene. Each of the nineteen tracks unfolds like a chapter in a gripping story, offering a fusion of insightful lyricism and magnetic beats. It’s an odyssey that not only underscores Nasty C’s versatility but also documents his evolution within the hallowed realms of Hip-Hop.

Nasty C I Love It Here Album Tracklist;

  1. She’s Gone & The End
  2. Endless
  3. Crazy Crazy
  4. Release Me
  5. Fuck That
  6. Broken Marriages
  7. Prosper In Peace ft. Benny The Butcher
  8. Sunset Walks ft. Tellaman
  9. This Time ft. Ami Faku
  10. I Love You
  11. No More
  12. RIP
  13. Know Yourself
  14. See Me Now ft. Manana
  15. Temptations ft. Manana
  16. Kill The Noise ft. Anica & Maglera Doe Boy
  17. Pops
  18. Hard Choice ft. 25k
  19. Dear Oliver

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