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TG Omori, Renowned Video Director, Shares Encounter with Man Who Rejected His N1000 Gift

TG Omori, a highly acclaimed video director in Nigeria, shared a compelling encounter he had with an entitled man who rejected his N1000 gift.

In a recent Instagram video, TG Omori recounted his visit to his father’s place, where he was taken aback by guys on the street paying homage to him after watching an old video of his work.

During his visit, he rarely encountered boys on the street, which left him with limited cash as he had primarily set aside money for security purposes.

Unfortunately, he was approached by several boys in the street who pleaded for financial assistance. Despite his financial constraints, he offered them N1000 from the money he had received from his driver.

To his surprise, one of the guys expressed disappointment over the seemingly small amount, making it evident that he couldn’t hide his dissatisfaction.

In an attempt to appease the man, TG Omori tried to offer him more money, but the man made a point by highlighting the insignificance of the N1000, as if to suggest that it was a trivial sum.

Clearly upset by the man’s response, the music director closed the door of his car, visibly displaying his frustration over the ungrateful encounter.

“This video again. No evidence but I go explain. On this faithful day, I go see my papa. On very rare occasions have I ever seen boys on the street just the security guys at the entrance gate so I dey always carry their cash as I dey enter I dey press a for them. After I don visit papa finish make I dey go na so I see like 3 boys for outside dey hail me. Obviously na the security guys don tell them to come collect their share. I hail them back, they say I must give them money, ok not an issue I ask the driver make him check weda cash dey, he check round and he see 1k. I tell the boys say no cash for my hand make them use 1k buy coke. Omo Baba reject am o. Say make I enjoy. I kuku go use am enjoy”.

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