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Rita Edochie Mocks Judy Austin After Pete Edochie’s Interview

Rita Edochie, a well-known actress in Nollywood, has once again expressed her disapproval of Judy Austin after Pete Edochie’s interview, during which he distanced himself from her marriage to his son, Yul Edochie.

Sharing a video from the interview on her Instagram, Rita Edochie voiced her criticism of Judy Austin. She mentioned that Yul Edochie had involved people from a town in Onitsha in relation to her hometown.

Praising May Edochie, she referred to her as a valuable asset to the nation. Rita highlighted that Yul and Judy might have thought they were manipulating May, but ultimately, they were only deceiving themselves.

“I said it that they hired people from Ogbommanu, Onitsha to Drama Devil’s hometown, now it’s clearly clear.

My darling daughter Queen May is a National Treasure some people think they played her, but they really played themselves out of a good person”.

It’s worth noting that Pete Edochie, in an interview with Chude Jideonwo, confirmed that he was not aware that Yul had taken a second wife. Addressing the matter using Igbo proverbs, he conveyed, “Since Yul has chosen to introduce a foreign and troubled woman into the family, he has welcomed all sorts of challenges, setbacks, pain, insults, and so forth in life. He shouldn’t be surprised when he encounters difficulties.”

He further clarified that he had no prior knowledge of Yul’s decision to marry a second wife.

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