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Reminisce – Why? Ft. Oxlade


Emerging from the vibrant Nigerian music landscape, the distinguished rapper Reminisce has unveiled his latest masterpiece, the captivating “Why?”. This track stands as a veritable gem, deserving of a prime spot on every discerning music lover’s Playlist. As Reminisce’s freshest single for the eagerly awaited year of 2023, “Why?” not only flaunts his exceptional talent but also exemplifies his remarkable versatility as an artist.

Adding an extra layer of allure to this already enchanting track is the inclusion of the remarkable superstar, Oxlade. His entrancing vocals intertwine seamlessly with Reminisce’s artistry, giving birth to an unforgettable collaboration. The synergy between the two artists is palpable, resulting in a harmonious confluence of their distinctive musical styles.

Behind the scenes, the credit for the flawless production of “Why?” goes to the exceptionally gifted music producer, RhookCastle. His deft touch is evident as he crafts a captivating soundscape that impeccably complements the song’s heartfelt lyrics and potent melodies. RhookCastle’s contribution infuses an additional dimension of intricacy and opulence into the overall sonic tapestry.

In essence, “Why?” transcends being just another song; it’s a testament to creativity, collaboration, and the potent language of music. Reminisce’s masterful rap artistry, coupled with Oxlade’s evocative vocal prowess, results in a compelling sonic narrative that resonates across a spectrum of listeners. With its infectious energy and resonant storytelling, “Why?” serves as a shining example of the ingenuity within contemporary Nigerian music and the virtuosity of its multifaceted artists.

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