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May Edochie takes Judy Austin to court, seeks N100 million in damages [Details]

In a recent development, May Yul Edochie, the stunning wife of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, has reportedly taken legal action against his second wife, Judy Austin, seeking a substantial N100 million in damages.

The mother of three has initiated a lawsuit against Judy, alleging adultery with her husband, Yul, amidst the petition for the dissolution of her marriage to him.

It is worth noting that Yul and Judy, despite portraying themselves as husband and wife on social media, are not legally married. Their status as a couple cannot be formalized until Yul and May are officially divorced.

May’s legal team has pressed forward with the N100 million damages claim, emphasizing the significant impact the affair has had on her life.

Interestingly, both Judy and Yul are reportedly aware of the petitions against them but have been evasive in addressing the matter. The situation adds further complexity to the unfolding legal proceedings.

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