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Lebza TheVillain – Netha EP


The vibrant and dynamic South African music scene is once again ignited with the arrival of a new extended play project titled “Netha” Ep, proudly crafted by the immensely talented hitmaker and artist, Lebza TheVillain. With a reputation for crafting captivating lyrics and an unmistakable sound, Lebza TheVillain continues to redefine musical boundaries, consistently delivering fresh and exhilarating content that enthralls his dedicated fanbase.

The project “Netha” Ep stands as an extraordinary masterpiece, a living testament to Lebza TheVillain’s musical brilliance. It skillfully showcases his remarkable prowess, demonstrating his innate ability to create music that resonates with a broad spectrum of listeners, transcending geographical borders and cultural divides. Each track within this project is a meticulously crafted work of art, exquisitely blending rhythm and melody, captivating listeners from the very first note to the resounding finale. “Netha” Ep’s captivating melodies and compelling storytelling warrant its esteemed position on your Playlist, leaving a lasting impression with its depth and emotion.

Beyond being just another entry in Lebza TheVillain’s illustrious discography, “Netha” Ep represents a significant milestone in his ongoing musical journey for the year 2023. This project underscores his continuous growth as an artist and exemplifies why he is so highly esteemed in the South African music scene and beyond. With every new release, Lebza TheVillain solidifies his position as a revered and respected figure, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of music enthusiasts across the nation.

Lebza TheVillain Netha EP Tracklist;

  1. Kuzeka ft. Moflava & Konke
  2. Wena Wethu ft. Musa Keys, Sino Msolo & Chley
  3. Bengazi ft. Musa Keys & Sino Msolo
  4. 7 Days no sleep ft. Lunatic DJs
  5. Khethiwe ft. Leandra.Vert & Konke

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