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Korede Bello – Full Time

Full Time

In the intricate tapestry of the Nigerian music realm, the luminous presence of Korede Bello shines anew with the release of his latest opus, “Full Time”. This auditory masterpiece, a manifestation of his multifaceted artistry, stands as a testament to his unwavering creative evolution. As the year unfolds, Korede Bello graces his fervent supporters with this highly anticipated offering, “Full Time”, a testimony to his resounding success in the wake of his preceding musical endeavors.

Imbued with entrancing melodies and poetic verses, “Full Time” serves as a captivating portal into Korede Bello’s musical universe. This track, like a painter’s brushstroke on a canvas, masterfully portrays his exceptional prowess and versatility as an artist. Within the carefully curated narrative of his remarkable journey, “Full Time” takes its rightful place as the third gem on his meticulously crafted eight-track compilation, “Beauty & Bliss”.

Venturing into the auditory expanse of “Full Time” is akin to embarking on a soul-stirring voyage. Korede Bello’s dulcet tones intertwine seamlessly with the infectious rhythm, crafting an enchanting harmony that resonates deeply with its listeners. Through the amalgamation of evocative lyrics and the artful arrangement of sounds, “Full Time” paints a mesmerizing soundscape that lingers, a testament to Korede Bello’s indelible impact within the musical tapestry of his era.

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