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DJ Clen Responds to Criticism Regarding A-Reece’s Absence from AKA’s Mass Country Album

DJ Clen Responds to Criticism Regarding A-Reece's Absence from AKA's Mass Country Album

DJ Clen Responds to Criticism Over A-Reece’s Absence From AKA’s “Mass Country” Album

The collaboration between A-Reece and AKA on a single verse has long been a desire of South African fans. This longing was particularly intense when AKA was working on his “Mass Country” album about a year ago.

However, it appears that the two artists never got the chance to work together on the project, which has left fans disappointed and critical of A-Reece. They have questioned why he missed the opportunity to collaborate with AKA, especially given the tragic loss of the latter.

In the aftermath of the situation, A-Reece has chosen to remain silent and has not addressed the issue of his absence from the “Mass Country” album.

Nonetheless, DJ Clen, an associate of A-Reece who had the rapper as an executive producer on his “Viral” album, has stepped up to defend him. In a tweet, DJ Clen revealed that A-Reece did, in fact, record his verse for the album but did not send the stems, as it seems AKA and his team may not have requested it for unknown reasons. The tweet from DJ Clen provides insight into the situation.

Interestingly, AKA had initially planned to release his album before his untimely passing. However, he chose to delay the release to avoid overlapping with A-Reece’s project, which was also scheduled for a similar time frame.

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