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Davolee – Back ft. Lemon Adisa & Olafaya


Renowned Nigerian singer-songwriter and celebrated music luminary, Davolee, unveils his latest sonic creation titled “Back.” This harmonious masterpiece is a musical jewel that deserves an esteemed spot on your coveted Playlist. A resounding testament to his artistry, “Back” takes its stance as Davolee’s freshest release for the flourishing year of 2023.

Seated as the seventh gem within the enchanting 11-track marvel known as “Na My Shoe I Buckle,” “Back” holds a distinctive place in the symphony of this exceptional project. Each note, each verse, resonates with the essence of Davolee’s evolving musical journey, offering listeners a vivid glimpse into his creative soul.

In an orchestration that transcends individual voices, “Back” beckons with more than just the prowess of Davolee’s vocal resonance. The entrancing collaboration of musical talents finds expression as Lemon Adisa and Olafaya weave their own artistic tapestries into the song’s fabric, infusing it with harmonious layers and textured emotions.

As “Back” emerges from the ethereal realm of creativity, it unfurls its wings to soar and serenade, inviting each listener to bask in its embrace. It stands as a testament to Davolee’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his unrelenting desire to forge connections through the universal language of music.

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