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BBNaija All-stars: “Somebody pressed my Yansh in the bathroom” – Whitemoney Levels Accusations Against Fellow Male Housemate

Whitemoney, a prominent contestant among the housemates, recounted a recent incident from the BBNaija Season 8 All-Star Edition. In a video that has been released, he described an encounter involving an unnamed male housemate who allegedly playfully pushed his buttocks.

During the video clip, Whitemoney stood beside Venita and narrated the incident. He mentioned that he had consumed a small amount of alcohol, which made him slightly tipsy. However, he emphasized that this did not affect his ability to make sound judgments.

He said “Honestly, I’m a bit tipsy. A bit but I know a man’s hand because if woman touch my Yanch, e go comot eye, but this man hold am, squeeze am e think say na Lambo Yanch. E still dey smash my Yanch dey go inside bathroom.”

Whitemoney noticed that the person who pressed his buttocks lingered and squeezed it hard, therefore he assumed it was a man.

This statement stirred debate among viewers, with many expressing their thoughts on the subject.

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