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BBNaija All Stars: Biggie and Issues Ilebaye Two Strikes and Punishes Ceec

BBNaija All Stars: Biggie and Issues Ilebaye Two Strikes and Punishes Ceec

Biggie issued two strikes to Ilebaye on Sunday due to his violation of the house rules.

Recalling a particular incident, Luvmp mentions a confrontation that occurred between Ilebaye and Ceec during the Saturday night party.

After Ceec confronted Ilebaye, expressing her comprehension of Ilebaye’s approach and her eagerness to witness her removal from the competition, a verbal exchange followed, escalating into a physical altercation.

Ilebaye, who had experienced conflicts with fellow roommates, forcefully grabbed Ceec’s wig and pushed her during the altercation.

Biggie informed the housemates that the rule book clearly outlines that any contestant who engages in physical aggression towards another contestant would face disqualification.

Biggie stated: “Ilebaye, you have read the rule book, yet you chose to be violent. Ilebaye is not the only guilty person. Ceec, your act didn’t make the situation better; for walking back into a violent situation, Big Brother found you guilty.

“For laying your hand on a fellow housemate, Biggie finds you guilty of physical violence. You are hereby issued a double strike. One more strike and you will be immediately disqualified. You will be issued a punishment should you survive today’s eviction.”

In addition, Biggie prevented both Ilebaye and Ceec from participating in the HOH (Head of House) game and the Save Me Please nomination process.

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