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Crayon – Wetin Go Be

Wetin Go Be

Nigerian singer-songwriter and captivating performer, Crayon, has recently unveiled a mesmerizing new song titled “Wetin Go Be”. This exceptionally talented artist continues to leave a lasting impression on his audience with his distinctive sound and irresistible melodies.

The track “Wetin Go Be” is undoubtedly a musical gem that merits a prominent spot on every Playlist. Its infectious beats and heartfelt lyrics make it an essential listen for music enthusiasts across various genres. Crayon’s velvety smooth vocals glide effortlessly over the rhythm, casting a spellbinding enchantment on every listener.

This incredible song holds the 12th position within Crayon’s highly anticipated album, “Trench to Triumph”. With a remarkable total of 13 tracks, this project serves as a testament to Crayon’s artistic versatility and growth. Each composition within the album weaves a unique narrative, and “Wetin Go Be” stands out as an exemplar of this captivating musical journey.

To bring this masterpiece to life, Crayon enlisted the exceptional talent of the producer Andre Vibez. Their collaborative effort has resulted in a harmonious fusion of captivating melodies and infectious rhythms, leaving listeners yearning for more. “Wetin Go Be” serves as a resounding testament to Crayon’s artistic prowess and further cements his place as an artist whose music transcends boundaries and touches the hearts of many.

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