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Cheque – Chequemate EP

  • Title: Chequemate EP
  • Artist: Cheque
  • Tracks: 6 Songs
  • Genre: Afrobeats

EMPIRE and Penthauze Music have come together to unveil Superboy Cheque’s latest opus, a mesmerizing playlist titled “Chequemate EP”. This highly anticipated EP is a true testament to Cheque’s artistic brilliance, showcasing his exceptional talent through 6 captivating tracks that are destined to enthrall listeners from all walks of life.

In an exceptional display of musical synergy, Chequemate EP features collaborations with the extraordinarily gifted Fireboy DML, infusing an additional layer of charm and finesse into an already stellar project. The fusion of Cheque and Fireboy DML’s musical prowess promises an unforgettable auditory experience, rich with harmonies and unmatched creativity.

With every track, Cheque takes us on an evocative journey, delving into a diverse array of themes and sounds that resonate deeply with the soul. From soulful melodies that tug at heartstrings to infectious beats that command movement, “Chequemate EP” exemplifies the boundless creativity and growth of Superboy Cheque as an artist.

As one of the rising luminaries in the music industry, Superboy Cheque continuously pushes the boundaries of contemporary music and delivers awe-inspiring performances. Within this EP, his ability to seamlessly blend genres and craft unique sounds is on full display, showcasing a musical dexterity that captivates audiences worldwide.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary sonic adventure as you immerse yourself in “Chequemate EP”. Whether you are a longtime devotee of Superboy Cheque or a newcomer to his music, this EP is certain to leave an indelible mark on your heart and playlist alike, solidifying Cheque’s position as an unparalleled force in the realm of musical artistry.

Cheque Chequemate EP Tracklist;

  1. Shine
  2. Hustler ft. Fireboy DML
  3. Way Too Young
  4. LPD
  5. Sunflawa ft. Crayon
  6. God Bless Me

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