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Corizo – Wayward EP

Wayward EP

Title: Wayward EP
Artist: Corizo
Tracks: Five, 5 Songs
Genre: Hip Hop


Corizo, a Nigerian rapper, has recently dropped a remarkable extended playlist named “Wayward EP,” which highlights his musical dexterity and exceptional style.

The EP is composed of five fantastic songs that are guaranteed to make you dance and sway. With each track, Corizo takes you on an auditory journey filled with dynamic beats, smooth rhymes, and soulful melodies that will keep you engrossed from beginning to end.

As you immerse yourself in the Wayward EP, you’ll swiftly come to appreciate that Corizo is a formidable presence in the Nigerian music arena. His ability to seamlessly blend various genres and styles is a tribute to his musical talent and creativity. Whether you’re a hip-hop, Afrobeat, or R&B aficionado, this EP has something that will appeal to you.

So, why wait? Stream and download the Wayward EP now and get lost in the amazing sounds of Corizo. Be sure to share with your friends and spread the word about this emerging star!

Corizo Wayward EP Tracklist;

  1. Roadman
  2. soul mate
  3. Bully
  4. Wayward
  5. Antisocial

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