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Sunde – SONTAHA! Album


Titile: SONTAHA! Album
Artist: Sunde
Tracks: Nine, 9 Songs
Genre: Amapiano


Sunde, a South African DJ and producer, is about to drop a highly anticipated Amapiano project called “SONTAHA!”. Amapiano has been gaining popularity in South Africa, combining deep house, jazz, and other genres to create an infectious and unique sound. Sunde has become one of the rising stars in the Amapiano scene, known for his creative use of sampling and ability to create tracks that are both danceable and emotionally resonant.

“SONTAHA!” is expected to feature a mix of original tracks and collaborations with other artists, showcasing a range of emotions, from upbeat and high-energy beats to introspective themes. Sunde has already released several singles ahead of the album’s release, such as “Ngihamba Nawe” and “Sondela,” which have gained attention from fans and critics alike.

This project is sure to be a major release for Sunde, cementing his place as one of the leading voices in the Amapiano scene.

Sunde SONTAHA! Album Tracklist;

  1. What Are You Saying!? feat. Joda Kgosi & Gemma Fassie
  2. Secret feat. Gemma Fassie
  3. Try One ! feat. Djy Zan SA & W4DE
  4. Siza!? feat. feat.Lwamii, Skhiya, Novatron & Authentic Sounds
  5. Mrata Ta feat. Thrxsher, Shibilika & PRVISE
  6. Skorokoro feat. Don Edward & Colkaze & Uncle Kee
  7. As’buyi feat. Colkaze
  8. Hit & Run!
  9. You Qwel It? feat. Djy Torres & Novatron

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