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Mas Musiq – NINI na NINI Album

NINI na NINI Album

Title: NINI na NINI Album
Artist: Mas Musiq
Track: Twelve, 12 Songs
Genre: Amapiano


Mas Musiq, a prominent South African Amapiano producer, has released a new project titled “NINI na NINI” that features several guest vocalists and collaborators from the Amapiano scene.

The project’s title, which translates to “something out of nothing,” is an appropriate reflection of Mas Musiq’s ability to create infectious beats and catchy melodies from seemingly unrelated elements. The project’s focus is on Amapiano, and Mas Musiq’s signature sound takes center stage, with groovy beats, synths, percussion, and vocal samples adding depth and texture to the tracks.

The guest vocalists, including Kabza De Small, Nicole Elocin, Tyler ICU, and Sir Trill, all contribute unique flavors to each song, with “Sthambeni,” featuring Kabza De Small, being a standout track with its hypnotic bass-heavy beat.

Overall, “NINI na NINI” is a solid addition to Mas Musiq’s discography and a testament to his prowess as a producer. The project captures the vibrancy and diversity of the Amapiano scene while showcasing Mas Musiq’s individual vision and style. With its infectious beats and catchy melodies, “NINI na NINI” is sure to delight Amapiano fans and music lovers alike.

Mas Musiq NINI na NINI Album Tracklist;

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