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GAYLE – abcdefu


GAYLE abcdefu

Abcdefu” stands out as an empowering female anthem as it deals with the aftermath of a breakup. The song is GAYLE’s fifth single and her debut with Atlantic Records, her “dream” label.

She sings about the feelings she feels following a breakup throughout the song. Despite GAYLE’s best efforts, her unfiltered feelings inevitably escape her, so she wanted to be the bigger person. She expressed her feelings in both literal and figurative terms.

The composition of the song is led by an electric guitar, which plays a palm-muted riff throughout the verses. Production is handled by Pete Nappi. There are subdued power chords here that complement the main lyrical motif of the song.

Quotable Lyrics:

I swear I meant to mean the best when it ended
Even tried to bite my tongue when you start shit
Now you’re textin’ all my friends asking questions
They never even liked you in the first place
Dated a girl that I hate for the attention
She only made it two days, what a connection
It’s like you’d do anything for my affection

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