Music: Billie Eilish – NDA

Billie Eilish NDA mp3

Billie Eilish NDA

American singer, Billie Eilish comes through with a new track titled “NDA.” ‘NDA’ by Billie Eilish is the 5th single from her forthcoming album, Happier Than Ever. This song taks about Billie’s struggles with fame, showing how she made a ‘pretty boy’ sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) so that he wouldn’t say anything about her secrets, notably the secret house she bought when she was seventeen.

‘NDA’ talked about her wish to get a new job, somewhere far away from all the downsides to fame. This song also gives links to Eilish’s other songs, Getting Older, I Didn’t Change my Number, and my future.

Billie Eilish NDA mp3 – Listen and comment below


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