LYRICS: Giggs – Daily Duppy (Freestyle)

Giggs – Daily Duppy (Freestyle)

Giggs Daily Duppy (Freestyle) Lyrics

Get the Rémy Martin, this a renaissance
Any friend of hers is a friend of ours
If you’re talking suave, I’ll accept the charge
Baby, take your time when you take it arff
Always see me shine, always see me sharp
Old dirty bastard, shimmy shimmy ya
Wanted Jimmy Choo shoes, told her “really, huh?”
Made her grab me two juice from the minute mart

Ah wah di bumbaclart, big Obama
Man’s got guns to bark at informer
Remember that Lazerdrome pon dat corner
Now man’s Game of Thrones just like Arya (woof)
Bodied the game and then I went away
Came back, bodied again, I’ll get you bolognesed
Ate that, swallowed the game, n***a, you want your plate?
Payback, the prophet just came and then he’s gone again

Really, huh?
Dirty bastard, shimmy shimmy ya
Ain’t no condoms in the jimmy jar
Shimmy shimmy yo, shimmy shimmy ya
I say my phone keeps on ringing off
My n***as, couple hoes in the cinema
Champagne in the minibar
That Philly blast got my willy hard
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’07, wasn’t really in the place then
Little rap but wasn’t really in the space then
And picking pretty women weren’t the case then
So the pretty women end up with the wastemen
And me and donny wasn’t really mates then
Used to get money but it really wasn’t fate then
Man’ll make money, no, the money doesn’t make men
Man’ll get gully like I’m coming out of May Pen

Get in the Hollow zone
Kick back, n***as got touched, n***as got followed home
Kidnapped, don on the phone, n***a, I want the dough
f** that, the trigger just slipped and hit a collarbone
Remember, letting it rain upon them sunny steps
Low key n***as are soldiers, man, we gully crept
Pum pum cut into two, n***a, you wanna bet?
Now chicks come like a zoo, n***a, you want a sket?

Isn’t man
Always chopping up beats, Eddy Scissorhands?
Before you meet Giggs, meet the middle man
Every track is like crack, here’s a milligram
Grab a couple million, yeah, the milli man
Clark, get the billions, we’re the billi gang
It’s like they never recognise what I really brang
Chitty bang, chitty bang, chitty chitty bang

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