SAINt JHN – Smack DVD ft. Kanye West

SAINt JHN – Smack DVD ft. Kanye West

SAINt JHN – Smack DVD ft. Kanye West

SAINt JHN comes through with a new song titled “Smack DVD,” featuring Kanye West.

SAINt JHN set the music world on fire this past week with the release of his new album While The World Was Burning. The While The World Was Burning album boasts an impressive roster of assists including names like Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West, Future, JID, 6lack, DaBaby, and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, and Kehlani.

“I know how slow the world is to new ideas. We are all resistant to things that force us to change or to grow. Change is usually uncomfortable, and it’s a slow process. So if I’m the guy that I think I am, and I’m making the music that I think I’m making, then it would make sense that it wouldn’t happen right away. If the bar is raised, then people will have to be told that the bar is raised. They’ve got to be comfortable with the new standard, and that’s going to take time,” SAINt JHN taled about what kept him going in the industry in a recent interview with complex.

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