Dice Ailes – “No One” #EndPoliceBrutality

Dice Ailes – “No One” #EndPoliceBrutality


Dice Ailes – “No One” #EndPoliceBrutality

Dice Ailes releases a new song titled “No One” #EndPoliceBrutality. Nigerian Talented singer, Dice Ailes joined in voice on #EndSars #EndPoliceBrutality #SarsMustEnd movement going on at the moment with his new song, ‘No One.’

The singer sings about how he sees No One by his side when oppressions and brutality comes, Dice Ailes advocates for Unity and Harmony sharing that our skin colors, religions, and tribes/cultures shouldn’t continue to factor the human division. Further clears that we should have one Race, look after one another, reduce the hate and prejudice.

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