Smokepurpp – Said a Lotta Things

Smokepurpp Said a Lotta Things mp3

Smokepurpp – Said a Lotta Things

Smokepurpp comes through with a new song titled “Said a Lotta Things.” “Said A Lotta Things” is a song that was originally made and written by Bobby Raps. Bobby Raps refereed to the song as “10 Xans”.

That “10 Xans” track was used as a reference to create “Said A Lotta Things” by Smokepurpp. Both versions of the song feature nearly the exact same lyrics and adlibs.

Quotable Lyrics:

Thought that we were tied like a Backwood (Aw, yeah, yeah)
But you done changed up like a phone number (Like a phone number, ooh-ooh)
Now I’m brain dead, but my balls number (Balls number)
I’ve been horny, I’ve been huntin’, man, its been a long summer (Been a long summer)
I ignored every call from her (Get blocked)
Late call to the dealer, then I fall under (Then I fall under)

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