Hopsin – Kumbaya

Hopsin Kumbaya mp3

Hopsin – Kumbaya

Hopsin comes through with a new song titled “Kumbaya.”

American rapper Hopsin shared his last song called “Covid Mansion” and today the rapper has returned with a new single titled “Kumbaya” showcasing his rap prowess.

Off the top, Hopsin warms up with a simmering flow scheme, building up his own intensity to mirror the explosive and typically dark instrumental.

Quoatle Lyrics:

I’ve been noticing a shift in the industry
Too many n***s who appear to be gritty
Flashing they nice jewels
Braggin’ about some pills and packin’ a rifle
You just gon’ be another rapper that die soon
That’s another body off the market
Rigor mortis seen him before police saw the carcass

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