Smokepurpp – Off My Chest ft. Lil Pump

Smokepurpp Off My Chest mp3

Smokepurpp – Off My Chest ft. Lil Pump

Smokepurpp releases a new song titled “Off My Chest,” featuring Lil Pump.

This is the first single from Smokepurpp’s upcoming album Florida Jit. The song features Purpp’s best friend Lil Pump.

The song was first previewed on April 7th with a video. It was then announced on Purpps Instagram story on May 11th, that it would be dropping, although it was leaked before that “something” (later confirmed to be “Off My Chest”) was dropping due to Quadwoofer, a frequent collaborator of Smokepurpp, was dropping a song with Smokepurpp but it was delayed because he implied purpp was dropping something on the 15th.

It was later found that the song was submitted to Shazam, confirming the rumor the song was dropping.

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