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Lil Tjay – Ice Cold

Lil Tjay – Ice Cold

Lil Tjay – Ice Cold Mp3 Download

Download Mp3: Lil Tjay – Ice Cold

Lil Tjay presents a brand new song titled “Ice Cold.” This comes on to celebrate his 19th Birthday.

Tjay just turned 19 years old yesterday (he’s that young!) and he’s not only dropped a new song/visual for “Ice Cold,” he’s announced a new mixtape that it’ll be attached to.

The appropriately-titled State of Emergency mixtape will follow up his major-label studio debut, True 2 Myself.

Quotable Lyrics:

I swear I got plenty niggas mad, never comin’ home
Demons in my head, I got too many niggas gone
Kids out here dyin’, mama hurt, cryin’
I ain’t even think I’d see eighteen and I ain’t lyin’
Jails multiplyin’, change shit, I’m tryin’
Murder rate just keep on goin’ up, it’s horrifyin’
Cops pointin’ fingers, they be misidentifyin’
Pocket of change, honestly don’t think it’s ever gon’ change
Lookin’ from my new perspective, I done realized some things
Them streets bad, streets wicked (bad)
Streets bad (bad), streets wicked (bad)
If the ray shot hit you, that’s a one-way ticket (one-way)
Somethin’ don’t work a couple times, better fix it
I been to myself, I been just stackin’ up my digits
All I could do is preach and I hope you niggas with it

Lil Tjay – Ice Cold  Mp3 Download and comment below.


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