J Balvin – Rojo

J Balvin Rojo mp3

J Balvin – Rojo

J Balvin releases a new single titled “Rojo.” The singer has been giving hits for days and his new release is not below his average songs. As usual, the singer delivers impressively on the new track he has titled “Rojo.”

“Rojo” is a song from seventh album by J Balvin, Colores. It has a message for the people who use their cell phone when they drive, as evidenced by the warning at the end of the video.

The story they tell us is J Balvin being called by his wife to tell him that she was about to give birth, he goes to his car and on the way, in a phone call, he suffers a car accident in which he dies.

That’s what scientist Roger Penrose said, meaning that we can continue thinking after death. Because of that, Balvin’s mind is thinking things that would happen, that is why people act as if he were not there, and that he’s really not.

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