TOBi ft. The Game – City Blues

TOBi ft. The Game – City Blues

TOBi ft. The Game – City Blues

TOBi links up with The Game on a new track titled “City Blues.” Over a smoky jazz-club arrangement, driven by a slick bassline and faint traces of a wailing sax, TOBi reflects on themes of misogyny and toxic relationships.

While his verse remains the same as in the original version. The Game’s presence makes for a crucial distinction. “You want to know why I’m happy I’m still alive, na,” begins The Game. “Bout four five times I should have died, na.” He proceeds to paint pictures, vivid in his depictions of Los Angeles chaos. A chaos to which one quickly becomes desensitized. “A dead body, that’s’ something to see,” he muses. “How’d I end up by myself after travelling the world a hundred deep? I watched Bobby get shot in his face, I saw Lil Kurt intestines fall straight out his waist.”

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