Stormzy – Still Disappointed

Stormzy Still Disappointed mp3


Stormzy releases a new diss track titled “Still Disappointed.” This new shot is aimed at Wiley.

Stormzy paid homage to Wiley on song in his recent album Heavy Is The Head includes a song called “Wiley Flow”. However, It didn’t sit well with Wiley because earlier this week he released “Eediyat Skengman (Stormzy Send),” on which he rejected the homage and critiqued Stormzy’s willingness to collaborate with pop stars like Ed Sheeran: “You never cared about grime, you just used it / Worse than Ed with your watered-down music.” This inspired Stormzy’s response track “Disappointed,” which featured lots of humorous nonverbal communication and lines like, “The old man’s got a death wish / Old man, you’ll regret this/ Alright then, challenge accepted.”

Wiley has yet to respond after two days, but it hasn’t stopped Stormzy from following up “Disappointed” with “Still Disappointed.” Last time, he mostly blustered about what a huge star he is and how Wiley will regret starting shit with him. This time, he shows rather than tells.

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