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Lil Wayne ft. XXXTENTACION – Get Outta My Head

Lil Wayne – Get Outta My Head ft. XXXTENTACION

Lil Wayne – Get Outta My Head ft. XXXTENTACION

American rapper, Lil Wayne comes through with a new song titled “Get Outta My Head,” featuring XXXTENTACION. The song was produced by prxz, off the Album Funeral.

Lil Wayne calls upon the assistance of the late XXXTENTACION on “Get Outta My Head,” their fourth after posthumous joint effort, following December 2019’s “School Shooters.” On the track, both XXXTENTACION and Lil Wayne both face their inward demons and attempt to get the Devil out of their heads.

X’s feature is gotten from his December 2017 track, “The Boy with the Black Eyes,” as the tune is broken into different parts and utilized all through the track. The chrous remains for the most part identical, be that as it may, with the striking consideration of Lil Wayne’s vocals.

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