Avril Lavigne – Dumb Blonde ft Nicki Minaj (mp3)

Avril Lavigne – Dumb Blonde



Download Avril Lavigne – Dumb Blonde ft Nicki Minaj (mp3)

Dumb Blonde is anew song by Avril Lavigne featuring Nicki Minaj. The song comes off the Head Above Water Album.

“Moronic Blonde” is an anthemic track about refuting naysayers and not giving individuals a chance to generalization you on account of the manner in which you look. The song was initially a performance, however a verse by rapper Nicki Minaj was included two weeks previously before the album releae. The track denotes Lavigne’s first joint effort with Minaj and her second with a hip-hop artist (following her 2007 “Girlfriend” including Lil Mama).

Recently, Avril Lavigne has been involved in songs like “I Fell In Love With The Devil” and “Tell Me It’s Over“.

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