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South African rapper, Nasty C presents a new dope single titled “Jungle”. Jungle is also the 2nd song off his upcoming album called “Strings And Bling”.

The south African rapper started gaining public recognition after releasing his mixtape Price City which produced the successful single Juice Back.

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I was prayin’ to a fake cuban link, stupid me
Pain to the girl I’m dating now, would you believe?
All the little shit they used to say would ruin me
Turned me to a man and now nothin’ is new to me
Marinate, marinate, marinate (marinate)
Masturbate addiction in the seventh grade (yeah)
Now I tell her make that booty levitate (levitate)
Now she hold my dick up like a accolade (accolade)
Who let the dog off the leash?
Who let the wolf see the sheep?
Let ’em eat right now
Who wasn’t lame in his teens?
Who got your broad in the sheets eatin’ meat right now?
My Puerto Rican bitches lookin’ colored eksê
My colored bitches lookin’ Puerto Rican ese

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