6ix9ine – Blood Walk (Plug Walk Remix)

6ix9ine – Blood Walk Mp3 Download6ix9ine – Blood Walk Mp3 Download (Plug Walk Remix)

Download Blood Walk by 6ix9ine (Plug Walk Remix)

American rapper 6ix9ine presents his own version of “Blood Walk” which is a remix to the original version Plug Walk.

Blood Walk Mp3 Download and listen..


Quotable Lyrics

I keep a red flag hangin’ out my backside
Only on the right side, yeah, that’s the Blood side
And I’m bangin’ East-Side
Shoutout to the West-Side, but I’m bangin’ Red-Stuy
Nigga, I ran into the blood (to the blood)
I done ran into the cuz (to the cuz)
Get it, cuz show me love (show me love)
So we both throw it up (ooh)
Suwoo, you gon’ hear that (you gon’ hear that)
When a nigga “woo”, nigga, “woo” back (nigga, “woo” back)
La-di-da-di, love to party (they love to party)
Ayo, Shottie, start the party (boom, boom, boom)

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