Queen Naija – Medicine (Lyrics)

Queen naija medicine lyrics

Queen naija medicine lyrics

(Verse 1)
You tell me you love me
But I ain’t been feeling it lately
You say you love keeping me fly but
Can’t keep me from looking so crazy
Come in at 6 in the morning
Where you been, where you been
Who is that texting your phone
Just a friend, just a friend (okay)

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My intuition never lies
There’s nothing you can ever hide
Already got the screenshots
So there is no need to deny
You been creepin’ and freaking and sneaking
Like you’ll never lose me
Steady claiming that everyone know we together
But you steady choosing

Swear I cannot win for losing
I been out here being faithful
I always got this on lockdown
But that ain’t been keeping us stable
So I guess I know what I gotta do
Give you a taste of your own medicine (hey, yeah)

How would you like it if I do the things you do
Put you on do not disturb and entertain these dudes
Imma ride him crazy and you’ll never have a clue
Give another guy everything that belongs to you
Imma call up Brian, Imma FaceTime Ryan
Imma text Lorenzo, Imma leave you crying
Don’t get it twisted I can play this game too
How would you like it if I did the same to you (same to you

(Verse 2)
You don’t like it
Now you telling’ me that I should fight it
Why you be out here playing the victim
When I am the one who been cryin’
Why dish it out but can’t take it
I want revenge, I can’t fake it
Wanna see the look on your face
When I drop my clothes and get naked
Not for you, but for him
Now tell me player, how does that make you feel?
How could you play me when the love I gave was real
I even took you back and you still had no chill

Boy you ain’t gone ever learn
Play with fire you get burned
I don’t think you’ll understand
Until I hit you where it hurts
So I guess I know what I gotta do
Give you a taste of your own medicine

All of those tears i cried
I can’t count the lonely nights
Time and time again i’ve tried
So when i turn into a savage boy don’t ask me why
Ask me why, Don’t ask me why
Give you a taste of your own medicine

Artist(s): Queen Naija
Title: Medicine
Released: December, 2017
Genre: RnB
Produced by: –
Album: –
queen naija medicine lyrics

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